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Titles for OT Assistant personnel vary across Canada including OT worker,  OT support personnel, OTA, rehab assistant.  Previous documents through CAOT used the inclusive terminology of Support Personnel. The following information provides resources for OTAs regarding the Practice Profile and Position Statement.  Revisions to these documents are forthcoming to reflect the OTA terminology.

CAOT is pleased to provide you with the Practice Profile for Support Personnel in Occupational Therapy (2009).

This Support Personnel Profile is complementary to and builds upon the revised and updated Profile of Occupational Therapy Practice in Canada (2007).

The Support Personnel Profile will be of great use to:

  • Occupational therapy support personnel for career planning;
  • Occupational therapists for appropriate assignment of occupational therapy service components;
  • Managers and supervisors for performance appraisals;
  • Employers and managers for workforce planning;
  • Employers for assessing qualification requirements for particular practice settings;
  • Education programs for providing a qualifications recognition process for support personnel;
  • Education programs for providing quality education for occupational therapy support personnel;and
  • CAOT for accreditation of occupational therapy support personnel education programs in Canada.

Development of a practice Profile for Occupational Therapy Support Personnel in Canada

Background Paper (2007)

Support Personnel Practice Profile: Conceptual Design and Design Elements  (2007)

Resources for Occupational Therapist Assistant

Canadian OTA PTA Educator’s Council (COPEC) Terms of Reference and COPEC Contacts

2005 CAOT Conference Poster presentation on The Occupational Therapy Assistant: Facts on Formal Education in Canada

Project Summary Report - Profile of Performance Expectations for Canadian Support Personnel in Occupational Therapy (2003)

The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists is a partner organization in the development and administration of the Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant Education Accreditation Program. More information concerning this program can be found at this website.

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