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Occupational Therapy

   Volume Six • Issue Five
 September/October • 2004

   Table of Contents

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Investing in workplace mental health

Daily essentials of workplace mental health

CAOT President’s message
Diane Méthot

Researching the return on investment in promoting mental health in the workplace
Michael Wilson

About our authors

Mental health and mental illness in the workplace: Occupational therapy solutions for complex problems

Occupational therapists' impact on mental health in the workplace

Mental health in the workplace: Why businesses are paying attention

Lynn Cockburn, Bonnie Kirsh, Terry Krupa and Rebecca Gewurtz

Success stories

Three sessions and back to work: Seven more to ensure success

From warehouse to desk job — a transition that needed support

Getting fit for work

Obesity: An additional stress in return to work

Recovery from depresssion: Dynamic duo approach

Occupational therapy provides the bridge back to work
Adeena Wisenthal

Reducing the economic costs of mental illness requires a wider circle of action
Kathy Hatchard and Lynn Shaw

Doing work well: Preserving and promoting mental health in the workplace
Bonnie Kirsh, Lynn Cockburn and Rebecca Gewurtz

CAOT Conference 2004
Bridging health and occupation

2004 CAOT Awards

Fellowship Awards
Awards for Innovative Practice
Muriel Driver Memorial Lectureship
Awards of Merits
Certificates of Appreciation
Student Awards

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