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Canadian Network of Occupational Therapists Working in Oncology


Through this web-based network, we aim to:

  • Connect occupational therapists working in oncology across Canada to decrease feelings of isolation and enhance collegial support;
  • Promote and facilitate research in the area of oncology;
  • Share educational and professional development opportunities;
  • Provide a platform for clinicians to network and discuss pratice-related issues.


The idea of developing a Canadian Network of Occupational Therapists working in Oncology came about at the 2002 CAOT Conference when several therapists with interest in oncology got together. They recognized:

  • the lack of clinical definition of the role of occupational therapists in oncology
  • the lack of evidence-based practice and guidelines
  • the feeling of isolation from their colleagues and the need for support among Canadian occupational therapists working in oncology.

Four occupational therapists working in oncology in Toronto therefore initiated a research project and surveyed the needs of therapists working in oncology across Canada. Based on the survey findings, these occupational therpists decided to create a web-based network whereby they and their colleagues could share resources, communicate, and support one other.

Contact Us

We are actively working to develop and expand the content of our network. Please contact us to suggest oncology-related resources or to share your feedback:

Stephanie Phan, OTReg (Ont.) 
Goli Hashemi, OTReg (Ont.)
Diana Baylon, OTReg (Ont.)
Michal Basch, OTReg (Ont.)
Becky Jin, OTReg (Ont.)
Julie McNally, OTReg (Ont.)


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