Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

Muriel Driver Memorial Lecturer
Dr. Claire-Jehanne Dubouloz

Thursday, May 8th, 15:30 Fredericton Convention Centre Theatre

Combining a passion for occupational therapy and a commitment to excellence in research, education and administration, Dr. Dubouloz has had, and continues to have, an outstanding impact on the knowledge development and promotion of occupational therapy in Canada.

Dr. Dubouloz completed a diploma in occupational therapy at l'École sociale et pédagogique de Lausanne in Switzerland in 1974, obtained a baccalaureate in occupational therapy from the University of Montreal in 1978 and after 9 years of practice, working in mental health, neurologic rehabilitation and administration, was recruited to the University of Ottawa. While teaching in and directing the program, Dr. Dubouloz completed a master’s degree in Clinical Sciences (University of Montreal) and a doctorate in Education (Université du Québec à Montréal in collaboration with the Université du Québec en Outaouais).

Dr. Dubouloz has developed an innovative research program which has contributed greatly to our understanding of how people adapt to chronic illness or serious injury and then go on to redevelop satisfying occupational lives. This works centres on an application of the model of Transformative Learning from the field of education to the art and science of occupational therapy. 

Dr. Dubouloz is one of the few occupational Therapists to be awarded the prestigious Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council grant, which allowed for the completion of a meta-synthesis of transformative learning among individuals with chronic health problems. Her recent application of transformative learning and personal change to the process of radicalization has created an important new avenue for the understanding of the occupation of terrorism.

Dr. Dubouloz’s research program also includes work in evidence-based practice. She has helped developed the concept of evidence-based practice in occupational therapy through qualitative and action research projects.  Dr. Dubouloz openness to listening to occupational therapists’ fears and concerns surrounded evidence-based practice has helped us to think about things that need to put into place to support occupational therapists as they attempt to adopt best practices.
Teaching for 25 years, has had an important influence on the development of occupational therapists at the University of Ottawa, and at Dalhousie University. She has been recognized for her outstanding teaching through a Faculty Teaching Excellence Award (2006). Her excellence in teaching and research was further recognized by the University of Ottawa when she became the first Full Professor in the occupational therapy program in 2008.

Dr. Dubouloz’s commitment to active engagement in education is now also being applied to another area close to her heart – interprofessional learning. Dr. Dubouloz has made an outstanding contribution to the work of occupational therapists, and their fellow team members, through her initiative, la Clinique universitaire interprofessionnelle en soins de santé primaires à l’Université d’Ottawa.Dr. Dubouloz has worked steadfastly to develop this interprofessional university clinic which is now in operation under her leadership. This innovative teaching environment is creating tremendous opportunities for interprofessional student learning, as well as intra and interfaculty collaboration, while providing a valuable service to the community.

Dr. Dubouloz’s directorship of the interprofessional university clinic is only one of a number of her important administrative and leadership roles, from being a former member of the board of governors of the University of Ottawa, to a member of the university Senate, and part of the joint committee that makes final recommendations regarding tenure and promotion of all professors at the University of Ottawa.  From 2002-2008, Dr. Dubouloz served as the Director of the School of Rehabilitation Sciences and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Dr. Dubouloz has made important contributions to the CAOT as a member of the Review Board of the Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, the Conference Scientific Program Review Committee, the Continuing Education Management Team, the CAOT Accreditation Committee, and the Certification Examination Committee. In addition, Dr. Dubouloz has been a board member of the Canadian Society of Occupational Scientists.
Dr. Dubouloz’s contributions have been recognized by the University of Toronto who awarded her the Thelma Cardwell Lectureship (2007) and the CAOT Award of Merit (1998) and a Fellowship Award (2009). Dr. Dubouloz truly is an outstanding individual - a creative leader and innovator, a fine, respected scholar, an empathetic and inspiring teacher and mentor, and a colleague valued and appreciated by all who surround her.

CAOT is proud to recognized Dr. Dubouloz and looks forward to her inspiration and thought provoking lecture.

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