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Occupational Therapy and Healthy Workplace Occupational Therapy and PTSD Occupational Therapy and Spinal Cord Injury Occupational Therapy and Primary Care Occupational Therapy and Cancer Survivorship Occupational Therapy and ConcussionOccupational Therapy and Autism Occupational Therapy and CarFit Occupational Therapy and Stroke Recovery Occupational Therapy and Substance Use Occupational Therapy and Emergency Room Occupational Therapy and Suicide Prevention

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Each month, CAOT will provide the theme of the month and includes the following new resources:

  • Digital of the calendar page
  • Digital copy of the vignette (click here to download all the 2013-2014 vignettes)
  • Digital factsheet: What is OT?
  • Digital factsheet
  • Customizable E-card
  • Highlights of the MEMBER ONLY resources

These online resources are free and we encourage you to share them with as many people as possible:  clients, family, referrers, physicians, colleagues, insurers, politicians, administrators.  They are yours to use as you see fit and to help you advocate for your own practice and for the profession of occupational therapy. 

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*Images used in the OT Month materials are models and are used for illustrative purposes only