Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapy works…Ask for it!
CAOT’s National Ad Campaign

Get involved!

Celebrate OT Month

October is OT Month and to celebrate CAOT is launching a national ad campaign that includes billboards in major cities across Canada.  As part of the campaign we are sending members a poster and bumper sticker with the message Occupational therapy works…Ask for it!  By providing these resources, we are hopeful of your participation in the campaign. 

The Project

The national ad campaign is aimed at raising the profile of occupational therapy and encouraging people to ask for occupational therapy services from their insurance and health care providers.

Get Involved

There is a range of things you can do to participate, some that take almost no time but will have a big impact.  Others take more effort, but are invaluable with their potential for change:

The Poster

Hang your poster in your community (it could be your library, church, hospital, community centre, arena, etc.).Click here to view the poster. A double-sided bilingual poster is available for purchase at the CAOT online store.

The Bumper Sticker

This removable bumper sticker can go on your vehicle, or that of a friend or family member.  It has the same message as the poster and billboards that will be in major cities across Canada during October.  If you don’t have access to a vehicle, place it on a window or in high traffic area (with permission).  CAOT has additional bumper stickers available for purchase, please visit the online store for more information.

Advocate for Occupational Therapy

Advocating for occupational therapy will raise awareness of the profession, keep existing funded positions and create new ones.  To support you in your advocacy, download these resource sheets and letter templates.  These resources include facts, ideas, suggestions and messages written in a way to engage the general public, insurance providers and decision makers. 

Social Media Campaign

Join us on Facebook and Twitter to post photos of the billboards, posters and bumper stickers from across Canada.  Tell us where you saw them and help to spread the message. 

Power Point Presentation

Please use this Power Point  presentation as a tool to raise awareness for the general public. 

Did you know?

Insurance companies report that if their customers ask for it, increased demand will improve the likelihood of insurance companies covering occupational therapy services.  We know that occupational therapy works, that’s why we need Canadians with extended health benefits to ask for it!