Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

About CAOT

The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists provides services, products, events and networking opportunities to assist occupational therapists in achieving excellence in their professional practice. In addition CAOT provides leadership to actively develop and promote the client-centred profession of occupational therapy in Canada and internationally.


Advance excellence in occupational therapy.


Occupational therapy is valued and accessible across Canada.

Values: Strategic Priorities:
Support occupational therapists in the evolution of their practice and the pursuit of excellence. 
Advance awareness, understanding, and use of occupational therapy. 
Position CAOT as the knowledge and resource hub for occupational therapy practice in Canada.
Equity Foster a vibrant and sustainable CAOT.






CAOT works closely with its affiliates, which include provincial professional associations and the Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation, as well as with other Canadian occupational therapy groups, such as occupational therapy educational programs and occupational therapy regulatory organizations.

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Membership in CAOT

CAOT's membership consists largely of full-time practising occupational therapists but there are several other categories for occupational therapists or anyone with an interest in occupational therapy. Learn about the categories and benefits that come with CAOT membership.