Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

CAOT’s Product Recognition Program

Helping the Public and Occupational Therapists Make Informed Choices


The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists formally recognizes products relevant to the practice of occupational therapy in Canada through the Product Recognition Program.

Through this program, the Association recognizes products with a Seal of Recognition, and end-users can use this as a basis for which to make decisions on products that will allow them to engage in everyday occupations.

A successful applicant may use the Seal of Recognition, Recognized by the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists, to describe the recognized product in product advertising pre-approved by the Association.

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Getting Started

Any corporate associate interested in obtaining the Seal of Recognition must submit an application and processing fees to CAOT’s Product Recognition Team.

How Products are Evaluated

Initial applications will be screened on the basis of the relevance of the product to occupational therapy and will undergo a product review by a panel of selected reviewers, who will assess the product based on overall performance, socio-economic and ethical considerations, etc. All reviews are evidence-informed and a final report is produced with detailed information on the review, including final recommendations. The entire process will take between 4-6 months.

Use of Seal 

The applicant may use CAOT’s Seal of Recognition for up to 3 years, with a renewal option. An annual fee is paid to CAOT for each product that carries the CAOT Seal. Applicants must agree to the use of the following End User Message in all material used to promote the program:

It is the professional opinion that the end user may benefit from engaging in everyday occupations from using this product for the stated purpose and intent. Recognition does not substitute the advice from a healthcare professional.

How Do I Apply For the CAOT Seal of Recognition?

To receive a free submission package email or call (800) 434-2268 ext. 242