Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

The McMaster Occupational Therapy Evidence-based Practice Group for systematic reviews on occupational therapy interventions

Best practice in occupational therapy occurs when therapists, working in partnership with client(s), use research evidence along with clinical knowledge and reasoning to implement interventions that are effective.

The McMaster Occupational Therapy Evidence-based Practice group focuses on research to critically review evidence regarding the effectiveness of occupational therapy interventions and to develop tools for evaluation of occupational therapy programmes.

Members include the following occupational therapists: Mary Law, Debra Stewart, Nancy Pollock, Lori Letts, Jackie Bosch, Muriel Westmorland, Angela Philpot

Visit their site for complete systematic reviews of the research evidence in two interventions used by occupational therapists:

  • the effect of activity-based interventions for older persons with dementia and;
  • the effect of cognitive-behavioural interventions for persons with chronic pain

This group recognizes the Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation for its vision in developing the "Outcomes That Matter" project, and for providing funding for this research.

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