Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

The intention of this special issue of Occupational Therapy Now is to provide a broad audience including occupational therapists, health professionals, clients, policy makers, the general public and other stakeholders with information on the range of roles occupational therapists hold in primary health care settings.

Occupational Therapy Now

September / October 2013


Table of Contents

Occupational therapists in primary health care and primary care: Important contributors to the interprofessional team
Leanne Leclair

Enhancing primary care for persons with spinal cord injuries: The role of occupational therapy on an interdisciplinary team
Sarah Pritchard

10 tips to integrate occupational therapy in primary care teams
Catherine Donnelly and Lori Letts

Ontario occupational therapists’ experience of integrating into Family Health Teams
Anne Murphy-Turliuk

Primary health occupational therapy in early years classrooms
Megan Regehr

Resource corner: Position statements relating to the role of occupational therapy in primary health care

Occupational therapists providing interprofessional education and enhancing health within a teaching primary care centre
Cara Brown and Lisa Diamond-Burchuk

Homelessness: Enabling solutions in primary health-care occupational therapy
Rebecca Marval and Elizabeth Townsend

Wellness navigator: An innovative role in primary health care for occupational therapists
Karla Moore

Occupational therapy services for people living with HIV: A case of service delivery in a primary health care setting
Julie Lapointe, Dawn James and Janet Craik

Traveling a New Road: A driving cessation group in primary care
Daniella Fry, Barb Fox and Catherine Donnelly

Reflecting on key influences shaping occupational therapy services in a Saskatoon primary health care setting
Brenda Goossen

Occupational therapists as knowledge brokers: Leading knowledge translation in primary care
Danielle N. Naumann

Update from the Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation - Bridging the gap between clinicians and researchers
Adeena Wisenthal

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