Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

OT Month

Each year in October, CAOT encourages all of Canada to engage with OT through a number of initiatives.
2015 OT Month Initiatives

2015 OT Month Initiatives

  1. Election Playbook 2015
  2. CAOT Inspirational Talks
  3. 2015/16 OT Calendar
  4. Publication special - YOU, ME and MY OT (10 PACK)  Member price: $24.99
  5. #31dayOTchallenge:


Let’s Talk to Canada this OT Month.Together we can accomplish something amazing this OT Month and raise public awareness about occupational therapy. Join us in the #31dayOTchallenge

CAOT and CAOT-BC are challenging you to commit to talk about occupational therapy to one (1)  person each day for the entire month of October.  

Our challenge is simple. Sign up and commit to the challenge in a few steps:

  • Visit our Facebook  or Twitter page and say “Count me in, #31dayOTchallenge”
  • Encourage your OT colleagues to take on the challenge. Print the poster above and post it at your workplace to spread the word
  • Starting October 1, 2015, talk about OT to one person each day
  • We’re keeping track, so let us know! After each time to speak to someone new, tweet it, post it to Facebook or send an email to Make sure to use the #31dayOTchallenge #hashtag and include our @CAOT_ACE




Here are some sample tweets you can use to let us know when you've had your daily OT conversation:

Had a great #OT chat today. People love talking #occupationaltherapy! Join me in the #31dayOTchallenge @caot_ace

Sharing the #OTlove with friends and family for the @caot_ace #31dayOTchallenge. Had a great chat today.

Want to talk #OT today?  I’m doing the @caot_ace  #31dayOTchallenge. Let’s chat.

Talking #OT today for the @caot_ace  #31dayOTchallenge. Curious about #occupationaltherapy? Tweet me back.

I love to talk #OT! Have questions about #occupationaltherapy for me? Tweet me back.  #31dayOTchallege @caot_ace

 Or, create your own! Get as creative as you'd like, just be sure to include the hashtag #31dayOTchallenge and @caot_ace.