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CAOT is always looking for volunteers to help us for both the Occupational Therapy Program Accreditation and the Occupational Therapist Assistant, Physiotherapist Assistant Education Accreditation Program (OTA PTA EAP). Although the accreditation process is time intensive, reviewers say they derive benefits for their own development as well as your program from the understanding of the process and learning of new methods and ideas.

For the OT accreditation, there are three reviewers for each off-site review and three for each on-site review. Reviewers submit curriculum vitae for review by the Academic Accreditation Council (ACC), and must declare any conflict of interest if selected for a particular program review. To express your interest please contact:

Alison Douglas, Director of Standards
phone extension: 250
Ryan McGovern, Exam and Accreditation Coordinator
phone extension: 235

Please contact Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada (PEAC) for more information about volunteering as reviewer for the OTA PTA EAP.

Roster for the Academic Credentialing Council (ACC) 2016


Nadine Larivière
Claire-Jehanne Dubouloz-Wilner (Past-Chair)

Council Members

Sara Saunders
Brenda Meritt
Jane McPhee
Catherine Vallée

Public Member

Edward Collister

ACOTUP Representatives

Catherine Backman
Lori Letts

ACC Registry Members 2017

List of current accreditation reviewers on the registry:

M. Suto
M.A McColl
S. Baptiste
A. Rivard (French)
P.Guitard (French)
E. Taylor
S. Hobson
H. Polatajko
Leanne Leclair (French)
Jacquie Ripat
Anne Carswell
D. Burnett (Public)
Cynthia Cameron
Leslie Bainbridge (Public)
Huguette Picard (French)
A. Freeman (French)
N. MacNaughton (French)
L. Liu
E. Etcheverry
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