Award for Leadership in Occupational Therapy

This award has been established to recognize and honour the exceptional contributions of an individual occupational therapist who has been in the forefront of activities which provide strategic leadership and direction for developing the profession.

Nomination and Narrative Froms

Award nomination deadline is December 1st.


2017 Recipients

Melanie Weller 
Through her evidence-based occupational therapy practice and her consistent leadership in workplace health and disability management, Melanie has demonstrated the value of occupational therapy in employment settings. Her pioneering work in in the provision of work-related services for employees and employers is recognized across the country; employers that she has worked with now choose occupational therapy as the profession of choice for assistance in these areas. Her dedication and passion has ensured the growth of this area of occupational therapy practice into the future.  

Past Recipients

Judith Friedland                        

Marlene Stern                           

Barbara Worth                            

Shrikant J. Chinchalkar                  

Margo Paterson 

Françoise Rollin 

Terry Krupa 

Élisabeth Dutil 

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