CAOT-BC: Pediatric Practice Network Meeting
20-Sep-2017 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM - CAOT-BC: Pediatric Practice Network Meeting

CAOT-BC Pediatric Practice Network Meeting - (free for members, $15 + tax for others)

Date: September 20, 2017

Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm Pacific Time

Location: In person & teleconference

Topic: Neuroplasticity and the Eaton Arrowsmith programs

Presenter: Howard Eaton, Founder/Director, Eaton Arrowsmith, ECIC and Magnussen School; Research Director, Arrowsmith Program

Description: As occupational therapists, neurology will play a major role in our practice, no matter our practice area. Neuroplasticity frames our approach to therapy.  Whether we are teaching life skills or new motor routines, we need to ensure that our client’s capacity for learning reaches their full potential. In many cases our clients may need to learn how to learn in order for a concept to stick. Barbara Arrowsmith developed cognitive exercises and a program for children with learning disabilities. Through assessing a child’s learning challenges and stimulating neural growth through cognitive exercise in that area of the brain, the Arrowsmith program can enhance life long learning for these children. In collaboration, Howard Eaton developed educational programs for children with learning disabilities who struggle in a traditional learning environment by starting the Eaton-Arrowsmith school in Vancouver in 2005. Recognizing a need to support children with social-emotional sensitivities (or sensory-processing challenges) he opened Magnussen School (also in Vancouver), where children can thrive in a small classroom tailored to their individual learning style. In addition, Howard Eaton has co-founded the Watson Centre for Brain Health (in Burnaby), a centre designed to bring the Arrowsmith Program, along with mindfulness, exercise and nutrition, to those recovering from brain injury. Howard Eaton will be joining us to discuss neuroplasticity and the Eaton Arrowsmith programs. He is a valued speaker and writer on topics from educational neuroscience to learning disabilities. We hope you can join us for this stimulating 45 min presentation with 15 min for questions. Afterwards there will be 30 minutes of the meeting dedicated to planning the rest of the CAOT-BC Pediatric Practice Network meetings for the year, we value your input.

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