Autism Awareness Centre Presents:
5-Feb-2018 7:30 AM - 6-Feb-2018 4:00 PM - Autism Awareness Centre Presents:

Autism Awareness Centre Presents:

February 5 & 6, 2018
Fantasyland Hotel – West Edmonton Mall – 17700 – 87 Ave.
Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4V4

Kelly Mahler, OT – Interoception – The Eighth Sensory System
Leah Kuyper, OT – The Zones of Regulation

Please visit to register on-line or for more information. You can also contact Maureen Bennie at or call toll free 1-866-724-2224.


Kelly Mahler - This presentation will provide teachers, therapists, parents and individuals with high functioning ASD a firm understanding of interoception including an overview of what research tells us about interoception, and how to apply this research when developing programming for individuals with high functioning ASD. Discussion will focus on the link between interoception and many important skill areas including emotion regulation, perspective taking, problem solving and empathy. Many practical strategies for assessing and improving interoception will be shared. Finally, a special segment will provide new and unique emotion regulation ideas, developed by individuals with ASD, that highlight their extraordinary way of thinking and viewing the world.

Leah Kuypers - Participants will learn an explicit, stair-stepped method and tools to guide individuals in utilizing The Zones framework across situations and environments to regulate sensory needs, impulses, and emotional states to social demands. Visuals and student work samples are highlighted to illustrate numerous learning activities. A variety of tools (sensory supports, calming techniques, and thinking strategies) are explored to help individuals recognize their internal emotions, sensory needs, and thinking patterns in each zone, when shifting from one zone to another, and then to self-regulate within zones. Participants explore ideas on how to teach, when, why, and how to use tools effectively. The Zones of Regulation presentation also incorporates core concepts from Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking® framework to help teach individuals about perspective taking so they better understand how being in the different zones impacts the thoughts and feelings of other people around them.

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