Bal-A-Vis-X Training May 25th-27th 2018
25-May-2018 8:00 AM - 27-May-2018 5:00 PM - Bal-A-Vis-X Training May 25th-27th 2018
Bal-A-Vis-X Training May 25th-27th 2018

Bal-A-Vis-X consists of a series of over 300 exercises, of varying degrees of complexity, created to better integrate body and mind by stimulating the visual, auditory, proprioceptive, vestibular and tactile systems. The program highlights the importance of balance and rhythm. Throughout the various exercises, participants further develop their sensorimotor skills in order to improve their balance, coordination and body awareness.

These activities also have a positive impact on reading, writing and listening skills as well as on attentiveness, self-esteem, cooperation and peer teaching.

During this 3 day workshop, a variety of Bal-A-Vis-X exercises will be learned and practiced in order to fully comprehend the fundamentals of the program (rhythm, patterns, and procedures). The multiple variations of the exercises will also be presented in order to simplify or complexify the activities, as needed.

In addition, there will be several demonstrations of techniques with children / adolescents during the training to see how Mr. Hubert introduces the method and intervenes according to the various challenges presented by young people.

M.Bill Hubert


Friday May 25, Saturday May 26 and Sunday May 27, 2018.

24 hours of total training
*The participant must be present on all 3 days of training, inclusively.

The workshop will be held in English.

$540 CAD

Josée Leblanc 

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