The OT's Handbook for Inclusive School Practices

The OT's Handbook for Inclusive School Practices
A great occupational therapist is a key success factor in your inclusive school- OT’s are on the front lines every day, making critical decisions that help students gain access to the curriculum and fully participate. This is the friendly, down-to-earth survival guide OTs need to deliver their important services effectively as part of an inclusive school team. Packed with practical guidance and tips, examples that relate directly to an OT’s daily practice, and first-person insights from seasoned OTs, this guidebook is key to helping students develop new skills in key areas, from motor skills and mobility to academic achievement and friendships. 

OTs will get practical strategies to help them

Collaborate with other members of the school team
  • Choose and use environmental, behavioral, social, and academic supports that help students succeed
  • Stay focused on strengths and abilities rather than disability
  • Use an RTI framework to deliver appropriate levels of support
  • Match supports to students’ specific strengths
  • Avoid “the Velcro effect” and support student independence
  • Facilitate peer supports and friendships
  • Resolve challenging behaviour in gentle, positive ways
  • Keep expectations high for all students
Reader will also get tools and checklists for organizing team meeting notes, choosing student supports, defining team roles and responsibilities, and more. All new OTs should read this book before their first day in an inclusive school and veteran OTs will find it invaluable for ensuring that supports are delivered in the least restrictive environment.
Julie Causton, Chelsea P. Tracy-Bronson
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