5 Key Questions in Solution-Focused Coaching (March 3, 2015)

5 Key Questions in Solution-Focused Coaching (March 3, 2015)

Many occupational therapists may recognize the language of coaching as something familiar in a sound occupational therapy practice: client-centred, inquiry-based, and co-constructive of client's desired future. In fact, the focus of the professional coaching, when done with appropriate care and skills, reside on progress, preference and options while establishing and maintaining trust and confidence in and with clients. What does that look like in brief dialogues we have with our clients? What questions do we ask and how does clients' meaning get constructed? In this webinar on Language of Coaching, a key concept and skill from the Solution-Focused Brief Coaching model will be introduced: "Listen, Select, Build". Short scenarios and cases as well as critical reflection will be used to challenge your assumptions and increase your awareness on purposeful use of language in coaching.

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