Wheelchair Setup (March 11, 2014)

Wheelchair Setup (March 11, 2014)

A person in a seated position must be stable and secure in order to maximize functional propulsion. This becomes even more critical when the client may be propelling their wheelchair with two feet or one hand and one foot, or two hands with limited arm range of motion. When prescribing mobility devices for alternate propelling methods, the chair design must address the physical and perceptual needs of the client. Once movement begins, it must be stress-free and follow a "do no harm" attitude regarding the client's physical state of well-being. If this does not occur, the client will tend to slide out of position during mobility. As a result, the client may reduce their activity level, and often restraints are applied to "hold" them in the chair. Alternate manual wheeled mobility needs to be provided in a manner that will not only address the physics of movement, but also maximize positioning and postural control with gravity assistance.

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