Strengths and Self-Advocacy in Adolescents and Adults (April 21, 2015)

Strengths and Self-Advocacy in Adolescents and Adults (April 21, 2015)

Many of us acquired our professional skills at a time when identifying what was wrong with a person and then attempting to fix it was the focus of assessment and consequently intervention. The traditional medical model led to professional experts defining people with disabilities in terms of their impairments and then seeking to remediate the impairments. Autobiographical narratives and interviews with self-advocates with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), along with a developing research base, suggest that although remediation may be needed at times, they have not built their lives on remediated weaknesses; rather, they seek assistance in modifying and adapting their environments, and building on their strengths and unique interests in order to engage in meaningful occupations that foster participation. This webinar will provide the occupational therapist with tools to make this shift.

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