Work integration social enterprises (WISEs) as a means to enable inclusive employment

Work integration social enterprises (WISEs) as a means to enable inclusive employment


Work integration social businesses (WISEs) offer goods and services to the public while having both social and revenue-generation goals. WISEs present a potential means of addressing the productivity and contribution needs of people with disabilities, bringing the approach solidly in line with principles of occupational justice. This webinar will describe an initiative to identify core dimensions of WISEs for people with disabilities, and to use these dimensions to develop employment opportunities that support empowerment, choice, occupational engagement and community inclusion. Participants will gain insight into the unique features of WISES as they are applied to varied populations, including persons with serious mental illnesses, intellectual disabilities, homelessness and others.  

After taking part in this webinar, participants will:

  1. Describe work integration social enterprises (WISE) as they have been developed for people with disability.
  2. Evaluate how core dimensions of WISEs can be constructed to promote meaningful social inclusion.
  3. Describe how occupational therapists may be involved with WISEs.

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