Activist Occupational Therapy – What am I doing? What could I do? - Group Access

Activist Occupational Therapy – What am I doing? What could I do? - Group Access


This interactive session offers behind the scenes stories from the video, Reaching Out: Today’s Activist Occupational Therapy (long version). An overview of occupational therapy activism in Canada will be presented through slides and audio comments. Between audio highlights, the three actors in the video and webinar participants will exchange ideas, questions and comments on the discussion board. Participants will be encouraged both to share stories of their own activist opportunities and challenges and to generate ideas for using the video with colleagues in hospitals, communities or other practice areas.

After taking part in this webinar, participants will:

1. Celebrate their own history and current approaches as an activist occupational therapist;
2. Raise critical questions about their own activist opportunities and challenges;
3. Use the YouTube video on Today's Activist Occupational Therapy to generate activist strategies with colleagues.

This purchase is for the December 11, 2012 practice evidence webinar presentation web link archive. The archive purchase will be in the format of a web-based link that will be emailed to you separately immediately.

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Elizabeth Townsend, Rebecca Marval, Cathy McNeil & Judith Friedland

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