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Guidelines for Client-Centred Practice                

Complementary to Enabling Occupation, these guidelines illustrate client-centred practice's historical development and conceptual grounding. They were developed by CAOT task forces and provide a consensus definition of the conceptual framework and processes of practice, goals and outcomes of occupational therapy. Often referred to as the Canadian Guidelines, they delineate occupational therapy's practice domain and emphasize that occupational therapists work through a client-professional relationship that is now well known as client-centred practice.

ISBN: 1-895437-00-8 | 189 pages  

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Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists, in co-operation with Health and Welfare Canada and the Canadian Government Publishing Centre, PWGSC (1991)

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Guidelines for Client-Centred Mental Health Practice

A companion to the Occupational Therapy Guidelines for Client-Centred Practice, these guidelines address issues relevant to all occupational therapy practitioners. Guidelines focus on special parameters with respect to adult occupational therapy mental health practice, but may be applied across age groups and settings.

ISBN: 1-895437-07-5 | 101 pages   
Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists, in co-operation with Health Canada and the Canada Communications Group – Publishing and Supply Services Canada

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