Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

Spirituality and Occupational Therapy

This book is meant to serve as a resource to occupational therapists, students, educators, researchers, colleagues from other disciplines, inside and outside Canada.  It is intended to highlight the relationship between spirit, occupation and health, and to elaborate the role of spirituality in working with people with disabilities and working in health care settings.  This book invites readers to be intentional in their use of spirituality, and to be explicit about how they are using terms, measures, interventions and outcomes.  It suggests a number of conceptual and practical approaches.  It acknowledges the cultural location of spirituality, attempting to ensure at all times that language and concepts are inclusive and welcoming.

 The book includes contributing authors from a number of disciplines, including chaplains, social workers, psychologists, theologians, and occupational therapists.  It also draws on the literature from medicine, nursing, psychology, anthropology, theology and philosophy.  By combining a variety of perspectives, this book offers a rich, textured, multidimensional view of spirituality, health and occupation.

 The book is set out in five parts:  Introduction and context, Concepts and definitions,  Conceptual models, Application of spiritual concepts in practice, and Personal reflections and recommendations.

ISBN 978-1-895437-86-7 | 304 pages
Mary Ann McColl (2011)

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