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CO-OPPACS | The Ludic Model 

Enabling Occupation in Children: The Cognitive Orientation to Daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) Approach

Occupational therapists will welcome the CO-OP tools, which present new perspectives for understanding children's performance difficulties. Hands-on activities familiarize therapists with cognitive strategies and how to apply them, and a CD-ROM included with the publication makes using the tools easy.

ISBN: 1-895437-65-2 | 190 pages

Helene Polatajko • Angela Mandich (2004)

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Paediatric Activity Card Sort (PACS)

Using photographic cards, the PACS offers a fun, interactive way to develop activity profiles for young clients, creating an enjoyable occupational assessment process for therapists and children alike. The PACS can also be used for intervention and goal-setting, and learning to use it is simple, thanks to user-friendly instructions.  For ease of use and portability, the PACS is packaged in a travel-friendly zippered portfolio with plenty of room for the cards, manual and forms.

Angela Mandich • Helene J. Polatajko • Linda Miller • Carolyn Baum (2004)

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The Ludic Model: Play, Children with Physical Disabilities and Occupational Therapy

Play greatly enhances our quality of life, and an attitude of playfulness can make life more interesting and enjoyable, especially for children. We are pleased to present the English version of an established publication focused on children's play: The Ludic Model: Play, Children and Occupational Therapy.

The Ludic Model proposes a unique approach to play in occupational therapy for children with disabilities, and was developed by Francine Ferland, a leading researcher on play and its impact on child development and a professor in the University of Montreal's occupational therapy program. Using children's strengths to work on their weaknesses, the Ludic Model explores various competencies that occupational therapists can use to facilitate children's play in daily living

ISBN: 1-895437-66-0 | 203 pages
Francine Ferland (2004)

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