Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

FAQs for CAOT e-Books

CAOT ebooks cannot be printed. Only forms can be printed.

General information

  1. Safeguard Secure PDC Viewer is a FREE standalone application that enforces the licensed use of secure PDF documents (for example how long they can be viewed, if they can be printed, etc.).

    Product Manual - Windows

    Product Manual - MAC

    Product Manual - iOS

    1. The e-Book is a secure PDC file. PDC files can only be read on the Safeguard Secure PDC Viewer. This is similar to PDFs, you must download Adobe Reader in order to read a PDF.

      1. Yes it is a free download. See directions below:

        Installing the Viewer (Windows)

        1. Click on one of the following links: Windows Viewer (exe) Windows Viewer (zip) Windows Viewer (msi)

        2. Choose 'Save' to download to your desktop. Once downloaded, right-click on the program and select 'Run As Administrator' to start the installation process.

        Installing the Viewer (Mac)

        1. Click on the following link: Mac Viewer

        2. Confirm the download process. PDCViewerSetup.dmg will be downloaded to your Downloads area and displayed under the Devices section (if it does not show up in Devices then first double-click the file from the Downloads area).

        3. In Devices, click on PDCViewerSetup to extract the .pkg file. Double-click on the .pkg file to start the installation process.


        Installing the Viewer (iOS) (iPads)

        1. Install PDCViewer by downloading it from the Apple App Store (search for LockLizard), or click on the following link: iOS Viewer

        2. Follow these instructions for installation & license registration (activation) or watch this video.

        1. Safeguard Writer is compatible with the following platforms:

          Windows platforms (32 and 64 bit):

          • Windows 2000 (with service pack 3 and above)
          • Windows 2003
          • Windows 2008
          • Windows XP
          • Windows Vista
          • Windows 7
          • Windows 8

          You must have Windows administration privileges in order to install the Writer software. In Windows 7, 8, and 2008 you must also right-click on the installation exe and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

          Mac OSX 10.4 or above.

          iOS 5.01 (iPads) and above (The Viewer will not run on devices that have been jailbroken) The free PDC viewer must be downloaded from the Apple App store. Search the app store for Lock Lizard.

          1. A license proves that you have purchased the e-Book. Without the license, you will not be able to view the PDC file on the Secure PDC Viewer.
            1. Your e-book would have been emailed to you within a few minutes of receiving your license from Lock Lizard. If you did not receive it, please email Please note: you will not be able to open an e-Book without your license.

              1. No, once a license is downloaded to one computer, it cannot be moved to another computer.

                1. You can only activate your license on one device. Be sure to download the license on the device you want to view your e-Book on.


                2. Support. What can I do if ....

                  1. The most common problem with downloading the viewer is firewall issues. Please read Viewer help.

                    1. Your e-Book would have been emailed to you soon after receiving your license from Lock Lizard. If you did not receive it, please email Please note: you will not be able to open an e-Book without your license.

                      1. You need to download the license you received in the Lock Lizard email. It is listed below the installing view section called ‘Registering (activating) your license’. Click the link: download your license file and select 'Open with Safeguard Viewer' to complete the registration process. Once you have saved the license, you can click on the PDC file in the viewer that you have previously downloaded.

                        1. Follow the directions on this page exactly - it is key that you do not skip a step: Please see

                          If you purchased the TOTEM, it does expire after the National Occupational Therapy Certification Exam (NOTCE), please contact For all other e-Books, contact

                            1. Lock Lizard is designed so that you cannot take screen shots of the publications. Windows has a program called One Note that runs in the background of some version without you necessarily knowing about it. To turn it off, click ctrl + alt + delete. Open the task manager. It typically opens the tab at the top for applications, open processes and find One Note  and turn it off.

                              If that does not work, contact