Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

Internationally Educated Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists must meet specific licensing requirements before they are allowed to practise in Canada. These requirements protect the public and ensure that everyone receives safe, high-quality care from qualified occupational therapists.

The requirements to practise occupational therapy are set by the provincial regulatory organizations. Occupational therapy is not a regulated health profession in the Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut.

Your first step is to get information about the requirements that you must meet.  Please contact the regulators (ACOTRO SEAS program) directly.

For information about the eligibility process to write the National Occupational Therapy Certification Examination (NOTCE), please click here.

Immigration and Employment in Canada


If you are exploring a career in occupational therapy in Canada, there are many resources  available that provide important information about regulations, certification and more! Still have questions? Contact us.

Other Professionals

CAOT only accepts requests from occupational therapists. All other professions, e.g. physiotherapists, activity therapists, rehabilitation therapists, recreational therapists, etc. should visit the web site for the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials, or perform an Internet search in order to contact the appropriate organization in Canada.

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