Student Associate

Students enrolled in an entry-level occupational therapy educational program in Canada, an educational program leading to an entry-level occupational therapy education program in Canada or an Occupational Therapy/ Physiotherapy Assistant Program can register now for a FREE Student Associate membership.

You may also register online by creating a Member Profile, then logging in using the email address and password and completing the student registration.


Already a Student Associate? Login to My Account to access members-only content, your profile, membership and insurance documents, personalized news, event listings, and much more!

To join CAOT as a Student Associate you will be required to verify your status as a student by providing the following information:

  • Full name
  • Current mailing address
  • Home province – if you are studying in a different province
  • Email address - Email address must be the one provided to you by your University/College. Do not use an e-mail address from a third party provider (e.g. Yahoo or Hotmail) in this field as it will disable your free registration without notice
  • University/College name
  • Program of study
  • Year of graduation
  • Student number
  • Preferred language

Your eligibility for membership as a Student Associate will be verified as soon as possible. Upon approval, you will receive your CAOT ID number and you will gain access to the full range of member benefits including all online member services. Please note that student memberships are valid until September 30th each year and are automatically renewed until your documented graduation year.


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