NOTCE Resources

The following exam resources are available exclusively at CAOT. CAOT does not endorse or authorize any other NOTCE preparatory exam or any resource(s) outside of CAOT’s preparation tools: the NOTCE Practice Exam, NOTCE Study Guide, NOTCE Online Prep Class and NOTCE Resource Manual. The exam preparation resources were designed to be reflective of the NOTCE and were developed with the same guidelines.

NOTCE Resource Manual (over 100 practice questions)

Profile of Practice of Occupational Therapists in Canada

The NOTCE Study Guide and Practice Exam are resources made up of sample questions reflective of the NOTCE. The NOTCE Practice Exam does not offer any answers, only results are given to you at the end of the practice exam.

The NOTCE "Ready for Work" Bundle. Includes the NOTCE Study Guide, NOTCE Practice Exam, first year CAOT membership* with professional liability insurance.
- BONUS- you will be given access to the original NOTCE Study Guide and Practice Exam (TOTEM/TOTE), which provides you with 200 extra exam questions!
- BONUS: With the purchase of the Bundle, you are eligible to receive free professional liability insurance for the month of September. Please contact for details.

The NOTCE Online Prep Class assists candidates to prepare for the NOTCE through online group discussion of practice questions.

Booklist of frequently used textbooks in Canada. The list is a resource and should not be construed as the definitive source for the NOTCE.