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CAOT supports the dissemination of research activities and funding opportunities that advance the practice of occupational therapy in Canada. Researchers have the opportunity to post surveys and calls for recruitment on this Research Listing.  To request consideration for posting, please complete the electronic form or contact Tracy Jolliffe for specific questions about this opportunity at or at 1-800-434-2268 ext. 241.

CAOT encourages its members to be active participants in building the body of evidence supporting the profession of occupational therapy.

DisclaimerCAOT’s acceptance to post a research opportunity is not an endorsement of the research project. The posted opportunities have not been subject to a methodological quality review by CAOT. For concerns related to a specific posting, please contact the principal investigator designated in the invitation letter. 

PLEASE NOTE:  There is no fee for this service.

CAOT Initiatives


Survey of Canadian Occupational Therapists Regarding Military, Veteran and Family Health

You are being invited to participate in a study that explores how occupational therapists in Canada understand and prepare to address the unique health issues of military personnel, Veterans, and their families.

Participation involves the completion of an online survey which will take approximately 15 minutes. Please note that participation in this study is completely voluntary and you have the right to decline or withdraw participation at any time for any reason without consequence. You can decline participation by disregarding this post and you can stop participation by quitting the survey if you have already begun.  

If you wish to participate in the study please click on the "take this survey" button to the right of this posting. Please carefully read the informed consent information before starting the survey. You are providing consent to participate by clicking the “next” button at the bottom of the “Informed Consent and Study Information” page and proceeding through the survey. 

Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the principal investigator, Dr. Heidi Cramm, via telephone at 613-533-6094 or via email at

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The Canadian IDDSI Expert Reference Group is Seeking Volunteers

Deadline for applications: September 21, 2018

The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) has developed a dysphagia diet framework with descriptors and simple testing methods to meet the needs of individuals with swallowing or choking risk across all ages, cultures and care settings. Having a common language reduces misunderstanding and increases safety.

A Canadian IDDSI Expert Reference Group is being formed to act as a reference group for IDDSI implementation across Canada. The role of the Canadian IDDSI Expert Reference Group is “to advocate and provide support for Canadian IDDSI users implementing IDDSI within their organizations to ensure the provision of optimal safety for individuals with dysphagia.”

We are seeking volunteers to be part of this larger interprofessional/multi-sectoral reference group. A total of 10 volunteers from diverse geographical locations and practice settings is being sought and will include representation from Nutrition Management, Occupational Therapy, Dietetics, Speech-Language Pathology, and Industry.

The IDDSI Canadian Expert Reference group will conduct teleconferences/online meetings on a monthly basis. The work of the group can include writing reports and letters, conducting surveys, developing materials, hosting webinars, etc. The time commitment would be 8-12 hours per month. A minimum of 1 year commitment is anticipated with a maximum term of 2 years.

If you are interested in applying for a position on the Canadian IDDSI Expert Reference Group, please send a letter of interest along with a resume to the formation task force via an email to: by September 21, 2018.

Healthcare Workers' Views on the Second Victim Phenomenon
The Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) is reaching out to healthcare providers to seek for input on the second victim experience and support. The second victim describes a healthcare professional who is involved in a patient safety incident and is emotionally traumatized by the event.

The following survey, conducted in partnership between the CPSI and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, seeks to evaluate your experiences as a healthcare provider with adverse patient safety events and the support you may have received. This study is intended for front line healthcare workers, specifically targeting clinicians, allied health professionals and technologists providing services in all settings, including hospitals, outpatient care, behavioural health, long-term care, and home healthcare.   (Aug 22-Sept 30,2018)

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Exploring how occupational therapy practitioners prepare for their role as fieldwork educators and their use of available supports
The purpose of this research is to identify and explore how occupational therapy practitioners prepare for the role of fieldwork educator and how they continue to maintain professional competency in that role. The researchers hypothesize that occupational therapy practitioners do not feel prepared to be fieldwork educators and do not access available support tools.  (Aug 20-Sept 24, 2018)
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Interprofessional Pain Management Master's-Level Program at Western University
The Faculty of Health Sciences at Western University (London, Ontario) is working on the launch of Canada's first integrative competencies team-based Master's-level degree program in Interprofessional Pain Management. This is intended to be a distance education framework allowing learners to work at their own pace with set learning opportunities using web-based platforms, expert consultation periods, mentorship, and learning teams. The final product will be an e-portfolio containing evidence of mastery of the 5 key competencies of Interprofessional Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creative Problem-Solving, Person-Centred Care, Empathetic Practice and Reasoning, and Pain Expertise. Upon approval by the university's senate, the program will be ready to accept its first cohort of learners in September of 2019.   (Aug 20-Sept 24, 2018)

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