Private Practice Issue Papers

CAOT-BC issue papers discuss occupational therapy within the context of important practice issues. They serve as a resource to private practice occupational therapists in guiding discussion and enhancing transparency in practice.

Occupational Therapy and Case Management

July 2017 | CAOT-BC

Occupational Therapy and Fees Based on Experience

July 2017 | CAOT-BC

Occupational Therapy and Assessment/Re-assessment

July 2017 | CAOT-BC

Briefing Notes

Briefing Notes are short documents that quickly and effectively informs members and the public on issues relating to occupational therapy in British Columbia.

Update on Occupational Therapists Shortage in British Columbia

June 2015 | CAOT-BC

Ensuring Adequate Access to Occupational Therapists in BC

October 2012 | CAOT-BC