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Licit, Illicit, Prescribed: Substance Use and OT (EBOOK)

By: Dr Niki Kiepek

Occupational Therapists bring a unique skill set and knowledge base to help clients overcome substance use issues and attain their goals for optimal health and well-being.

In this book, contemporary theories of substance use and addictions are critically examined. Therapeutic approaches are presented and interpreted according to models of human occupation. The significant role and contribution of occupational therapists and occupational scientists are detailed and supported by the latest evidence on the subject.

The author, Niki Kiepek, is an occupational therapist with over ten years of experience in practice, research and professional training in addressing the needs of client with licit, illicit, and prescribed substance use. Her contribution in advancing this growing occupational therapy practice is impressive and is reaching a whole new level with this publication.

Features of the book include:
Presentation of current evidence and best practices
Case scenarios to exemplify chapter material
Profile of leaders in this emerging field of practice
Key resources for further information about topics
Discussion questions to support reflection and integration

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