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The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) is an important tool to enable personalized health care. Designed for use by occupational therapists, the measure serves to identify issues of personal importance to the client and to detect changes in a client’s self-perception of occupational performance over time. The COPM, which initiates the conversation with clients about performance issues in everyday living, provides the basis for setting intervention goals. Multidisciplinary health care teams have also used the COPM extensively as an initial client-centred assessment. The COPM is intended for use as an outcome measure, and as such, should be administered at the beginning of services, and again at appropriate intervals thereafter, as determined by the client and therapist. La MCRO est une méthode d'évaluation individualisée conçue pour les ergothérapeutes qui a pour but de déterminer la perception qu'a un client à des changements de son rendement occupationnel survenus chez lui au fil des années.
Author/auteur :
Law, M. Baptiste, S., Carswell, A., McColl, MA., Polatajko, H. & Pollock, N.
CAOT Publications ACE
February 14, 2014
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Spiral Bound
5th Edition
Categories/catégories: Assessments
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