John F. Barnes' Myofascial Mobilization Workshop
26-Aug-2017 8:30 AM - 27-Aug-2017 3:00 PM - -

The Myofascial Mobilization Workshop is designed to give seminar participants a basic knowledge of the structure, function and dysfunction of the fascial system. Participants will learn the anatomy of the soft tissue and the application of mobilization techniques, accurately assess soft tissue mobilization, apply appropriate treatment regime, distinguish between myofascial mobilization and other soft tissue mobilization techniques, understand the importance of the entire body, be able to perform techniques to the upper and lower extremities, and receive instruction for a home exercise program.


-Myofascial Mobs is a great course! I am an expert level JFB MFR practitioner who has been studying with John Barnes for 10 years.

-More of MFR techniques! Great class and I highly recommend it. Some overlap with Myofascial Release I seminar, but lots of other techniques as well, that are not in any other class.


Speaker: Bryan Kuss, RMT is the owner and operator of Soma Massage and Myofascial Treatment Centre for more than 25 years. He specializes in the John F. Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release, has completed all of John Barnes’ training and continues to study and work extensively with the Myofascial Release Seminars.


For More Information visit or call 1-800-FASCIAL (327-2425)

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