How to Walk the Talk: Best Practices in Collaborative Care
2-May-2018 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Interested in learning more about interprofessional collaboration and techniques to assist you in working with fellow health care and education professionals? Speech-Language & Audiology Canada is hosting a full-day workshop, open to all professions, May 2 in Edmonton, AB, entitled “How to Walk the Talk: Best Practices in Collaborative Care.” Join us for a day of hands-on learning and engaging discussion on how best to maximize the benefits of interprofessional collaboration to adjust to changing professional landscapes in health care and education. Click here for more information.


As health care professionals who are not speech-language pathologists and audiologists, your members are eligible to attend this session paying the same rate as SAC members do – a savings of $70 over non-members.  Registration fees can be found on this page.

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