CAOT-QC Outstanding occupational therapist of the year award

The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists – Quebec will recognize members living in Quebec who have made an outstanding contribution to the profession throughout his or her career. Only one (1) award will be granted each year. Nominations for this award will be considered annually but the award will be made only when recognition is merited in accordance with stated criteria. Nominators whose nomination is unsuccessful in a particular year may allow the nomination to stand for a maximum of three successive years.

Download the CAOT-QC Outstanding Occupational Therapist of the Year Award Nomination Form.

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2017 Recipient

Annie Carrier

Annie Carrier is recognized as an accomplished multidisciplinary occupational therapist. She has two baccalaureate degrees, two masters, two doctorates and she is currently a postdoctoral intern. Her research has allowed us to better understand the effect of the optimisation process on occupational therapy services given to the elderly. In her current research, Annie seeks to document effective methods for influencing decision-makers so they make informed decisions based on research as well as ethical implications. She has published many scientific and professional articles, she is a board member of the OEQ and her efforts led to the creation of CAOT-QC. Annie is recognized for her contributions to the clinical, academic, and political leadership fields of occupational therapy which make her a provincial and national leader.

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